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ZibGo makes it easy to stay in contact with your customers via their mobile devices. With 90% of the US checking their phones an average of every 12 minutes, SMS is the fastest way to reach your customers when you want to reach them.

Social media and email has its' limits when you are looking to reach customers with time sensitive offers. Did you know only about 20% of your followers on Facebook ever see your message and that 40% of promotional emails are filtered out or blocked through traditional methods of delivery? SMS is the only way to reach 100% of your audience in a very small window of time.

SMS Marketing doesn't have to be confusing or expensive. ZibGo has redeveloped the way businesses are using SMS in an easy to understand and use platform tailored to provide outstanding results! When combined with our conversion tracking, you can view your click and sales ratio when providing an onine call to action!

As Easy As Email

If you can send an email, you can send an SMS text message to all of your customers. Our easy to use interface sends SMS messages to one or all of your customers depending on the need. If you want to annouce a free buy one get one free appetizer for lunch that day, send out a quick message to your base. Want to target a few special customers with an exclusive offer, reach out to them one on one. Whatever your use, you will find that sending and managing the system is very easy.

Every text sent and received is stored under your account, and you are only use credits on outgoing messages. This allows your entire company to act from one central number regardless of who is handling the promotions.

Awesome Value!

While the SMS management interface is included in the monthly service cost, you may with to purchase additional credits for outgoing messages. We offer some of the lowest rates for SMS over other providers. We never take advantage of our customers and we strive to always provide awesome value.

With ZibGo, you can stay on top of the competition and increase the chances of brining your customers back time and time again.

Privacy Compliant!

We make it easy to opt out at anytime. All your customers need to do is to text the word OPTOUT to your dedicated number and our system will automatically remove them from getting SMS messages from you in the future. They can rejoin at anytime by texting the word JOIN to the very same number later on.

We handle all complaince issues and update our systems where required by law!

SMS Marketing Is Only One Part...

With every package you get access to digital loyalty, email marketing, in-depth customer analytics, reminder and occassion marketing, online appointment services, digital gift cards and so much more. We believe in offering our customer great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information? Read our FAQ or give us a call!

  • We do not limited how many subscribers you can have in your system. You can have one or one million! If you do not have enough credits to reach your customers you will need to upgrade your account or purchase more credits directly.

  • The amount of SMS messages you send are only limited by the credits in your account. You can purchase additional credits at anytime, or upgrade your account. We do advise against contacting customers too often. Once per week seems to work well. It is important to note that your text messages should offer value and that annoying your customers can result in optouts. Once a customer opts out, they have to opt back in to receive message from you.

  • We highly recommend using our conversion tracking if you are keeping track of click rates. This will allow you to not only see how many people clicked, but how many people actually took the call to action to make a purchase or signup for a specific item of interest.

  • Each merchant is allocated SMS credits based on the package they have purchased. Once those credits are used up, the merchant will not be able to send any further SMS messages until more credits are added. We offer an extrememly low bulk rate of 20,000 credit for $100 which is only half of one cent per message. Compare that to others at $0.05 per message.

  • To build your SMS list, merchants should encourage new customer to join by texting JOIN to your specific merchant phone number. Upon texting JOIN, they are set up as a customer under your business. They will now be able to receive text messages from your company. In addition, when they text JOIN we send them a link back to update their profile in the system, so that you can capture their name, email and other information.

  • By law, you must provide customers with a way to remove themselves from your list. By texting the word OPTOUT to your merchant number, your customer will remove themselves from getting future SMS messages from you. They can always rejoin at anytime by texting JOIN. Each outgoing message contains information on how to remove themselves automatically as required by Federal Law.