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Our easy to use email system allows you to create professional email campaigns in minutes.

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ZibGo makes it easy to create and send email newsletters, promotions, and sales to your customers. Email is the most cost effective way to keep your audience engaged and connected to your business. Our email builder is simple yet effective. You can easily build email based on templates and images we provide, or create your own from scratch.

Our email platform sends your campaigns in minutes using powerful SendGrid technology. This technology ensures that your emails are delivered and make it directly to your customers' inbox. From there, our system will track open rates, click rates, providing you valueable information on the effectiveness of your email campaign. It will also let you know if there is a problem with any of your subscribers' email addresses. All of this is included in your ZibGo membership.

Easy To Create!

If you can drag and drop, you can build professional email campaigns in minutes. Our email builder is easy to use and can build robust, content-rich emails quickly. Your can customize every aspect of the editor to build outstanding email campaigns that look and feel like an extension of your website.

Whenever you upload your own images, our builder will automatically size the images to meet the dimensions of the section you are using. Each image you upload will be stored in your own personal account so that you are able to fetch the images for later use as well.

Awesome Value!

ZibGo is focused on providing the greatest value for our customers. Similar email marketing platforms can cost as much as $199 per month!!! ZibGo includes our email marketing platform in every package. You will not find better value anywhere. Each package includes unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails sent.

With ZibGo, not only do you have the ability to build your own lists, but we are constantly promoting and building your lists through our extensive network. You can also grow your lists even faster by offering a giveaway through our sweepstakes platform.

Learn More About Your Customers!

Get valuable insight into what is working and what is not. Now you can keep track of open rates and know which customers are and are not opening their emails. You can also keep track of who clicks links, and what links they are clicking.

By understanding what customers respond to what content, you can begin to segment your users and begin to deliver specific content to these segments to optimize your open rates, click rates and conversions. Our system makes marketing optimization a breeze, giving you detailed insight into your customers' behavior so you can give each customer personalized messages that deliver!

Email Marketing Is Only One Part...

With every package you get access to digital loyalty, email marketing, in-depth customer analytics, reminder and occassion marketing, online appointment services, digital gift cards and so much more. We believe in offering our customer great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information? Read our FAQ or give us a call!

  • We do not limited how many subscribers you can have in your system. You can have one or one million!

  • We do not limit how much email can be sent. This is limited simply by the size of your subscriber list. It is important to note that we do place a cap on how many times a specific person can be emailed to insure that the email service is not abused. Studies show that customers who receive email more than once a week from a business not only have a higher unsubscribe rate, but they also begin to form a negative view of the company itself. While email is an affordable and fast way to get a message out to your customer base, it should be used with this in mind.

  • You can use imported templates for creating your email. When sending email, you will need to select the Import HTML template. You will then copy and paste your HTML code into the provided area. It is advised that you send a copy to your test list (yourself) first, and then send to the list of your choice. (Please do not use Microsoft Word to create your templates, word processor programs add a lot of extra code that is not needed and can actually hinder your results.)

  • Each merchant is allocated SendGrid credits based on the package they have purchased. SendGrid is a solid and effective send tool and is the most preferred and fastest way to do email campaigns. When those credits run out, you can still send email but it will be through a different delivery method. Emails are still delivered but it can take a few minutes longer to reach their destination.

  • There are a few different ways you can build your email lists. First you can import your customer list from your POS or other existing platform. Secondly, when a customer joins your loyalty program, that customer is automatically added to your list. Thirdly, you can host a script on your website or provide a link via social media to join your email list for special offers. From here, customers are required to opt-in to your list through the link we send to their email. They will not receive email from you until the have opted in to receive your information.

  • By law, each email sent out contains a unique link that allows customers to unsubscribe or "remove" themselves from future mailings. They can update their preference later if they wish to reinstate email again. Every email that is sent adheres to the policies set forth by the Federal Government regarding email communications.