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Find Out Who Your Customers Really Are. Track How Much They Spend And How Often They Buy.

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Know Who Your Customers Are!

The goal of every retail business is to attract new customers, keep their existing customers, and to sell more to each of them. In order to accomplish this, businesses need to offer customers products and services they want for the right price. In addition to this, businesses must also be focused on a customer experience that will keep their customers coming back so their businesses grow. To achieve these goals, retail and service-related businesses are turning to customer data analytics.

While it's technically possible to write down customer records in a ledger or even enter them into an excel spreadsheet, these methods are labor-intensive, inefficient, and do little to help you identify the needs and desires of your customers. ZibGo not only stores the data in a secure environment, but we give you detailed reporting to help you identify what is working and what is not. Only when a business understands the behavior of their customers will that business begin to increase its overall value and thrive in a very competitive marketplace.

Information Is Power!

In life and business, the more information you have about a certain situation, the better decisions you can make. The sooner you understand and grasp this concept from the business perspective, the better your business will do. The marketplace has changed; products and information are available to consumers at any time.

Our detailed reporting helps you identify who your customers are including their age, sex, purchase history, frequency of visits, their average monthly spending, and so much more. This insight allows you to identify your target market, current trends, and more.

Improve Customer Experience!

When you are able to predict the needs of your customers and provide an uninterrupted customer experience you can make customer-centric decisions. Understanding which customers are buying which products can help you not only to indentify and reward loyal customers, but also help to improve your overall customer experience.

This helps businesses improve customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Our analytics data also helps encourage referrals and repeat purchases, as well as to indentify other streams of revenue.

Here Are The Facts!

Fifty percent of companies who master the art of customer analytics are likely to have sales significantly above their competitors.

Companies championing the use of customer analytics are 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, 7.4 times more likely to outperform their competitors on making sales to existing customers (upsell and cross-sell strategies), and nearly 19 times more likely to achieve above-average profitability.

54 percent of consumers would consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers.

60 percent of marketers believe that data-driven marketing drives profitability.

Email Marketing Is Only One Part...

With every package you get access to digital loyalty, email marketing, in-depth customer analytics, reminder and occassion marketing, online appointment services, digital gift cards and so much more. We believe in offering our customer great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information? Read our FAQ or give us a call!

  • We do not limited how many subscribers you can have in your system. You can have one or one million!

  • We do not limit how much email can be sent. This is limited simply by the size of your subscriber list. It is important to note that we do place a cap on how many times a specific person can be emailed to insure that the email service is not abused. Studies show that customers who receive email more than once a week from companies, not only have a higher unsubscribe rate, but they also begin to form a negative view of the company itself. While email is an affordable and fast way to get a message out to your customer base, it should be respected and used wisely.

  • You can use outside templates when you plan on sending your email out. When sending email, you will need to select the Import HTML template. You will then copy and paste your HTML code into the provided area. It is advised that you send a copy to your test list (yourself) first, and then send to the list of your choice. Please do not use Microsoft Word to create your templates, these programs add a lot of extra code that is not needed and can actually hinder your results.

  • Each merchant is allocated SendGrid credits based on the package they have purchased. SendGrid is a solid and effective send tool which is the most preferred and fastest way to get email out. When those credits run out, you can still send email but it will be through a different delivery method. Emails are still delivered but it can take a few minutes longer to reach their destination.

  • There are a few different ways you can build your email lists. First you can import your customer list from your POS or other existing platform. Secondly, when a customer joins your loyalty program, they are automatically added to your list. Thirdly, you can host a script on your website or provide a link via social media to join your email list for special offers. From here, customers are required to opt-in to your list through the link we send to their email. They will not receive email from you until the have opted in to receive your information.

  • By law, each email sent out contains a unique link that allows customers to unsubscribe or "remove" themselves from future mailings. They can update their preference later if they wish to reinstate email again. Every email that is sent adheres to the policies set forth by the Federal Government regarding email communications.