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ZibGo turns ordinary customers into loyal customers. ZibGo customers return twice as often and spend four times as much as customers who aren't connected!

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We Build Loyal Customers

What would you do with an extra 30% in sales each month? What if you could reduce your marketing costs while increasing revenue? What would you do with an influx of new customers each and every month? Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what ZibGo can do for your small business.

ZibGo is a unique loyalty platform that allows small businesses to create an outstanding loyalty rewards program in a matter of minutes. You remain in complete control of your loyalty program, allowing you to provide rewards that your customers want. Whether you are offering a discount based on points or giving customers the opportunity to have an after-hours shopping spree, the only limit is your imagination.

With ZibGo there is no expensive equipment to purchase and there are no legthy service contracts. In fact, there are no contracts at all. We believe that our product is truly the best on the market and we are sure you will agree!

ZibGo Loyalty Is Flexible!

Many loyalty programs require you to purchase expensive equipment and sign lengthy contracts. You won't get that with ZibGo. We offer the most flexible loyalty solutions around. With our system, you can use a customer-facing tablet or manage your program from your smart phone or any web browser.

Again, there is never a contract with ZibGo. We are so confident in our ability to deliver amazing results that we have no need to lock you into a lengthy contract.

Give Customers What They Want!

Ditch the paper punch cards and boring loyalty rewards. The average consumer in the US belongs to 9 loyalty programs. Many programs are not user friendly and have very low retention rates. ZibGo allows your customers to manage their accounts via any connected device, with or without an app. Customers can check-in with their app, phone number, or email address. ZibGo is a perfect solution for all generations of customers, from millenials to seniors!

Statistically over 50% of first time customers never return. ZibGo customers return more often and spend more too! Best of all, it is affordable and works for a large variety of businesses.

Build Your List Fast!

ZibGo makes it easy for your customers to build your list.

We are focused on small-to-medium size businesses. This is our passion. We want to bring back the American Dream and help small businesses overcome their corporate competitors.

Loyalty Is Only One Part...

With every package you get access to effective marketing solutions, email marketing, in-depth customer analytics, reminder and occassion marketing, online appointment services, digital gift cards and so much more. We believe in offering our customer great value.

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Our monthly packages offer real value for small businesses.

*Tablet Not Included. Most 9" or larger tablets (Android or iOS) will work with our system.