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Whether you are in the service industry or retail our reminder and occasion marketing can increase your bottom line! Our system keeps track of your customers' activity and sends them pertinent offers based on rules you create in our system.

Whether you are sending your customers a special coupon for their birthday or anniversary or you are sending out a reminder that it is time for their next hair appointment or oil change, you can rest assured that our reminder and occasion marketing gets results. By sending out personal detailed messages to your customers, you are creating a relationship that is sure to span many years.

You Make The Rules!

Setting up reminders is extremely easy. Simply log into your merchant area and set up a reminder name, description and a time span. For example, if a customer comes in for a hair cut, you can set a rule to automatically contact that customer six weeks after their last haircut. It can be something as simple as a reminder, a coupon, or even an upsell.

Reminder marketing can be used to send out reminders about personal services such as massages, haircuts, waxing, and trims. It can also be used for such things as oil changes, furance checkups, tire rotations, and more. The possibilities are endless.

It's A Win Win!

The success of a business is based on its customer service. Local small businesses have an edge in that they tend to provide a more intimate one on one environment for customers. Our occasion marketing automatically sends out special offers or coupons based on triggers you select. Want to mark your one year customer anniversary with an special offer or send your customers a coupon for their birthday? Our occasion marketing handles it all for you is included in every ZibGo package!

It's An Instant Revenue Boost!

By engaging your customers before they start searching for your competitors, you ensure their repeat business is yours. It is so effective that the revenue generated from this system alone could more than pay for the monthly ZibGo membership fee. When you couple this with our occasion marketing, you really do make your customers feel as if they belong to an exclusive business that cares about them and their well being.

If you are not implementing reminder and occasion marketing from ZibGo, you are losing money every single month!

Reminder Marketing Is Only One Part...

With every package you get access to digital loyalty, email marketing, in-depth customer analytics, reminder and occasion marketing, online appointment services, marketing solutions, and so much more. We believe in offering our customer great value.