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We Have The Complete Suite

All of our cloud-based services are INCLUDED in one complete package, for as little as $99 a month!

Flexible CRM

We believe that a CRM shouldn't be difficult to use. We built our CRM from the ground up with small businesses and sales professionals in mind. You can manage customers, business leads and sales funnels all from one easy to understand panel. Best of all each one of our services below work flawlessly with the ZibGo CRM.

Customer Loyalty

Say goodbye to punch cards and boring rewards. Our digital loyalty program is outstanding, and no contract or tablet is required.

In-App Exposure

Gain access to up to 90% of local online consumers! When you join ZibGo, you get a listing in our consumer app and exposure across all our platforms.

Email Marketing Tools

Build or bring your list to ZibGo and build beautiful emails, send and track all from one system.

SMS Marketing Tools

Build your list and reach your customers instantly via SMS messaging. Send out a coupon on slow days and watch your sales increase.

Reminder Marketing

Automatically remind customers to visit you after a certain period of time. Great for service industries!

Appointment Booking

Allow customers to book appointments or make reservations right from your website or app!

Customer Analytics

Our detailed reports show you who is visiting and how often, and who is not. This crucial data allows you to indvidually market to your current customers to keep them coming in.

Digital Gift Cards

Make it easy for your customers to buy digital gift cards right from your website or app. Gift Cards are sent via email, fraud-free, and never get lost!

Our Merchant App

Quick Check-in

Check your customers in by scanning their assigned QR codes. View who is in your store and more!

Assign Points

Give your customers points for purchases or activities. Encourage bonus points for additional purchases.

Redeem Rewards

Redeem customer rewards quickly and efficiently. Points are deducted from the customer instantly.

Redeem Gift Certificates

Redeem gift certificates quickly and keep your line moving. Very secure and insanely fast.

In-Store Loyalty

There are many loyalty brands that try to do what only ZibGo can. In fact, our loyalty programs are designed to be affordable and effective, so effective that we guarantee new customers each and every month.

Each store is unique and your loyalty program should be as well. We allow you to customize your rewards and how you handle every aspect of your program.

Big Business Marketing

The ZibGo network can reach up to 90% of internet users in your local community.

We market your business online and offline, and specifically target new customers who are interested in what you sell.

You receive measurable ROI. When you get a new customer from our network, not only will you know about it but you'll be able to track the value through the life of that customer.

Detailed Customer Analytics

If you don't know who your customers are, you're throwing away thousands of dollars that should have been yours.

We help merchants to identify who is shopping at their stores and how often. By gathering statistics each month, we supply details that allow you as a business to tailor custom offers and promotions to targeted groups of customers based on their history and interests, giving you the highest return on your investment.

Schedule An Appointment

We believe that our service sells itself. You will never run into a pushy or high-pressured sales rep. Meeting with a ZibGo rep in your business takes about fifteen minutes. We believe these fifteen minutes will be well-spent and could change the course of your business forever.

Our Packages

Our monthly packages offer real value for small businesses.

ReadyGo Package

$99 month

  • ZibGo CRM
  • Loyalty System
  • Customer Analytics
  • Local Listing
  • Standard Tablet License*
  • 50,000 Local Banner Views
  • 5,000 Local Website Visitors
  • Free Hosting & Email
  • 4 Monthly Email Campaigns
  • Auto-Reminder Marketing
  • Occasion Marketing
  • Online GiftCard Purchasing
  • Online Appointment Scheduling

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GoLong Package

$199 month

  • ZibGo CRM
  • Loyalty System w/ Text2Join
  • Customer Analytics
  • Local Listing
  • Custom Tablet License*
  • 100,000 Local Banner View
  • 100,000 Local Text Link Ads
  • 10,000 Local Website Visitors
  • 2,500 Monthly SMS Credits
  • Free Hosting & Email
  • 15 Monthly Email Campaigns
  • Auto-Reminder Marketing
  • Occasion Marketing
  • Online GiftCard Purchasing
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
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* Tablet Not Included. Most 9" or larger tablets (Android or iOS) will work with our system.


ZibGo is a subsidiary of Entwined.com, LLC.

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